TrainingMon 8th MayTue 9th MayWed 10th May
Exploiting Websites by using offensive HTML, SVG, CSS and other Browser-Evil - Mario Heiderich
Secure coding in Java - Robert Seacord
Hands-on Mobile Application Exploitation - iOS & Android - Dinesh Shetty
Hands on Web Exploitation with Python - Michael Born and Fred Donovan
Systematically Breaking and Fixing Single Sign-On - Vladislav Mladenov and Christian Mainka
Whiteboard Hacking aka Hands-on Threat Modeling - Sebastien Deleersnyder
Web Application Security Essentials - Fabio Cerullo
Hands-on Workshop on Security in DevOps (SecDevOps) v 2.0 - Abhay Bhargav
Smart lockpicking - hands-on exploiting software flaws in IoT - Slawomir Jasek