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Training Courses
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Training Courses

The conference includes a number of professional 1-day, 2-day and 3-day training courses. Training courses are provided by recognized experts in the field of application security, with many of the courses having been offered at other conferences around the world.

The training courses topics and schedule will be published in February 2017. Costs for training courses are separate from the main conference ticket and can be booked through the registration link on the conference web site. Prices for training are €750 for one day courses, €1,400 for two day courses, and €2,050 for three day courses. All prices are per person and subject to 20% VAT.

Schools and Adult Outreach

At AppSecEU we want to reach out to the future of the application security and IT industries, and as part of this mission we are providing free outreach sessions to local school children and adults interested in a career in appsec and IT.

On the Monday of the conference AppSecEU is working with W5 to deliver informative and inspirational sessions to around 500 12 and 13 year olds from local schools. It is this age group where the IT industry, historically, experiences the biggest drop in numbers in relation to IT subjects. These sessions will introduce the school children to the a career in the application security industry, as well as explaining technical aspects such as how computer systems can be hacked and, more importantly, protected from hackers.

Similarly on the Monday evening we will hold a similar session for local adults interested in a career in the application security field.

University Challenge

The University Challenge is a competition among teams comprised of university students that will be held on the Tuesday and Wednesday of AppSecEU. There is no admission fee for the University Challenge (participation is free). During the University Challenge teams will solve mission style security challenges using the Hacking-Lab framework.

The OWASP University Challenge will be limited to 10 teams, where teams consist of 4-8 students, with one team per university. All team openings are on a first come first serve basis. All team members must registered for the University Challenge, which will be available on the conference website (though registration is free).

Food and beverages are provided during the challenge and all participants will get an OWASP University Challenge t-shirt. The first three winning teams will get some small prizes (to be announced).

OWASP Project Summit

The OWASP Project Summit is where OWASP Project leaders and participants from around the world gather to work on OWASP projects, share ideas, collaborate to create new OWASP projects and make existing projects even better. Projects can involve the coding of security tools, documents being written or reviewed, or other discussions furthering the application security discipline. Participation in the OWASP Project Summit is free.

The OWASP Project summit is not limited to project leaders, and participation is welcomed from conference delegates or other IT professionals who wish to learn more about OWASP projects, or become a contributor.

Food and beverages are provided during the project summit and participants are typically recognized for their contributions by being named as a contributor on the released project.

Pre-Conference Social Event

AppSecEU is hosting a drinks reception at the conference venue on the Wednesday night, just before the main conference days. Snacks and drinks will be served in the sponsors’ hall, where delegates and sponsors can socialize with the local business community. Delegates holding tickets for the main conference (or training courses) can attend the drinks reception for free. Local business leaders will be invited to extend the reach of the conference to the local business community.