Welcome again!

After our usual one year break, we are happy to bring back the awesomeness and present another edition of Allstars. This time taking place in the beautiful town of Belfast, alongside the OWASP AppSec EU 2017 conference. Allstars 2017 will happen on 11th of May 2017 and take an entire day from morning to evening.

What is all this?

Allstars 2017 is delivering in one full day what’s known to be the finest, hand-selected talks from prolific speakers and top-tier researchers in the field of information-security.

You can think of Allstars 2017 as a conference inside a conference - offering you one day with the most interesting influencers in today’s web application & general IT (in-)security. Allstars 2017 is a dedicated invited-speakers track at the OWASP AppSec EU 2017 conference.

Allstars 2017 itself is free. You only need to have a ticket for the OWASP conference to get in.

We recommend all attendees to have a really good breakfast on 11th. Don’t “allstar” on an empty belly.

Preliminary Allstars 17 Schedule

Important dates


Our Sponsors

Without them, this event wouldn’t be possible - thank you sponsors for making it happen! Keep in mind, Allstars 2017 is completely independent from OWASP’s conference funding.